Experience the world in another kind of school

  • Work

    One World Institute offers you the chance to work for your living expenses in Norway, for your course tuition, and for your travels around the world! You are offered various jobs in European countries that will boost not only your budget, but also your life experience!

  • Study

    Get to know the issues that we face in the world today. Study theoretical aspects about poverty and development and then go in investigations on the field to see the reality for yourself. Understand the forces that drive the world and find your own place in it.

  • Travel

    Travel in countries you’ve always dreamed of seeing, get to know the locals and their culture. Learn from the people you meet and, in return, share your own knowledge. Experience the issues you’ve studied about, but most importantly: discover the beauty and diversity of the world we share.

  • Volunteer

    Choose a field closest to your heart where you feel like you can contribute: education, health, community development, child aid. Then choose the country where you’d like to volunteer for 6 months: India, or an African country. There, hand in hand with the locals, you will try to create a better future for the poor.

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"I wanted to have the experience of living in another country. This program gave me a lot of opportunities to know myself, to test my limits and discover who I am."

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"Before, I didn’t know how all these issues harm people or how they affect even my life. And one of the most important things I understood by joining this program is how much privilege I really have!"

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"I wanted to learn, learn from everything and everybody! And I discovered that there are no borders – the borders are just in our minds, and everything is possible!"

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"The project in Botswana, it was... it was something completely different and so nice that I actually wish to go back one day. Amazing 6 months that I will never regret!"


Now is the time,Study in Norway, Travel the world 
and volunteer in Africa or India.

This is one world institute


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